About Us

Our Company

Arvik Group is a long established, full-service,
one-stop boutique real estate firm with a
proven history of customer service excellence.

Arvik Group is a boutique real estate brokerage located on Wall Street in the very heart of the Financial District. Founded in 2005, by our Managing Partner Artem Lesin, Arvik Group has built up its’ reputation to be one of the top premier full-service firms in Manhattan. We offer an inviting change from the impersonal approach of large corporations. Our remarkable team has an understanding of the real estate market that is second to none. The ability to consistently stay on top of all the technology based applications to improve the way we do business helps us give you our full attention. Having collaborated with both investors and homeowners, our grasp on the New York real estate market is unparalleled. In addition to Arvik Group having an international footprint with foreign investors – the firm’s experience and acumen to deliver 24/7 customer accessibility mitigating language and time zone differences is a salient testament to our proven track record. Whether you are looking to buy, sell, lease, or invest in the best and most competitive market in the world, Arvik Group is the ultimate guide towards your goals.

Our Vision Is Straightforward

  • One-stop full service company
  • Dedication to our clients
  • Technology driven
  • 24-Hour around the clock customer service
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Our Vision Is Powerful

  • Unsurpassed smooth transactions
  • International presence for foreign investors
  • Long lasting relationships highly valued by our clients
  • Revolving door of steady clientele